Metal Hands Free Wholesale Key Chain & Door Opener - 4 colors



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In this quarantine world, it’s crucial to be able to offer your customers products that will keep them safe. Our popular metal hands-free door opener keychains are absolutely perfect for just that! Hands-free keychains from Katydid Wholesale are super convenient, practical, and multi-functional.

  • Crafted for a hands-free & germ-free world
  • Can be used to pull door handles, carry bags, touch screens, press pin pads, flush toilets, and more
  • Sold individually
  • Available in gold, rose gold, silver, and pewter

Hygienic Hands-Free Door Opener Keychains

Germ-free products are the way to go right now. Items like our trendy hands-free door opener keychains can be used for so much more than just doors. These tools are excellent for carrying bags full of essentials, touching screens or pin pads at checkouts, flushing toilets, and more. Plus, they’re on a convenient keychain!

Hygiene is more important than ever. From face masks to gloves to metal hands-free door openers, the more you have in your boutique, the better. Our products are designed in the US to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your customers. Stock all four finishes and allow your customers to collect them all!

Safe and Sound

A Katydid Wholesale, your safety and the safety of your customers is vital. Check out our other hands-free door opener keychains, as well as our entire Quarantine and Chill collection, today. Get these items drop shipped directly to your customers (no minimum orders required)!

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