Hands Free Keychain & Door Opener

Hands-Free Keychain & Door Openers

Convenience On Hand

From turning on faucets and opening doors to pushing buttons on a public keypad, our stylish hands-free keychains allow you to do it all hands-free. Your customers will love the convenience! All they have to do is attach the tool to their set of keys or purse, and they’re good to go, all while staying germ-free.

We offer durable acrylic versions that feature trendy patterns, as well as stylish solid metal styles in colors that match precious metal jewelry. These materials make our popular door-pull keychains easy to wipe down and sanitize. The convenient hooked end allows your customers to grab door handles, flush toilets, and even carry bags from stores while they’re out shopping for essentials. Or, they can use the flat end to push buttons and keypads.

Useful Gifts for Loved Ones

During this pandemic, your customers will be looking for affordable gifts that their loved ones will truly appreciate and use to help keep themselves safe and healthy. Our hands-free keychains are just that!

Display our door-pull keychains with our bulk fabric face masks and other quarantine wholesale boutique gifts! Our Quarantine and Chill accessories and apparel are sure to be a hit with your customers as the threat of the coronavirus continues to be a global issue.

Shop Katydid Wholesale and get our trendy hands-free keychains drop shipped directly to your customers! No minimum order required!