Pre-Orders FAQ

Katydid Wholesale has partnered with Purple Dot. Purple Dot is a waitlisting platform that allows you to be the first to get your hands on Katydid Wholesale’s next great item. Purple Dot will keep you in the loop the whole time.


How does it work?

Any products that are set to pre-order will have a button indicating so when ordering. If the expected ship time may adjust, you will be notified by email. 

Can I have a mixed cart?

Yes! If you choose to order both immediate ship and pre-order items, you will receive two different shipment but can order at once. 

Why did I get two charges?

If you had a mixed cart, you were charged once for all immediate ship items, and once for all pre-order items. Unfortunately, at this time we have no way to charge pre-orders later. Hoping to install this feature in the future, though! 

Can I use an offer I have? 

Yes and no. At this time, any offers that were curated specifically for you cannot be applied but any universal offers (ex. 35% off weekenders daily deal) will work.

What do I need to provide when I make a purchase?

You will need to provide your email, shipping address and card details. All communications will be sent to your email address, including details of how to cancel and any updates of your pre-order.

What are my payment options with Purple Dot?

Purple Dot accepts all the major card networks - Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What happens if I cancel or return my pre-order?

You can cancel at any time, follow the cancellation link in your pre-order confirmation email. You will receive an email confirming the refund and should see the money back in your account in 3-5 business days.

Can I change my email or shipping address?

Yes! Send an email to with your updated details and a member of the customer service team will get this updated for you. You will then receive an updated pre-order confirmation email.

Is my payment information safe?

Payment information is processed securely by Stripe. No card details are transferred to or held by Katydid Wholesale or Purple Dot. All transactions take place via connections secured with the latest industry-standard security protocols.

I have cancelled my pre-order. How long will it take until I receive my

Once you have cancelled your pre-order, your refund will be processed within 3-5 business days.

I have asked for a refund. How will I be refunded?

Refunds are issued back to the debit or credit card used at checkout.