Face Masks

KN95 and Fabric Face Masks

With a new public health frontier set before us, your customers want to feel safe and prepared. That’s why our collection of cute medical face coverings makes the perfect offering in your boutique! Well-designed with high-quality materials and your customers’ comfort and health in mind, our trendy fabric face coverings make fantastic inventory because they let your shoppers breathe normally and complement their everyday ensembles. It’s time to make the most of the uncertain times we’re living in with fashionable, reusable accessories!

Public Protector and Emotional Pick-Me-Up

At Katydid Wholesale, we feature KN95 class protective coverings and trendy, fabric face masks that allow men, women, and kids to breath normally and comfortably while protecting themselves from harmful substances like germs, dust, and bacteria. Our KN95 masks are available and ready to ship as a set of 10 and include an adjustable nose bridge for better sealing. These are the same type of medical face coverings healthcare professionals use and are 95% effective, as they are typically used to prevent the spread of flu strains and viruses.

Our colorful fabric face coverings provide great protection, but they make it more fashionable! With a durable three-layer design, which includes an inside filter slit, these reusable masks offer peace of mind during this pandemic, while also boasting style customers’ spirits. Best of all, they are large enough to cover the entire lower face, and they feature adjustable slides on their elastic ear bands for the perfect fit and all-day comfort.

Waste-Free, With a Whole Lot of Style

We’re all adapting to new times, but that doesn’t mean we can’t remain stylish. Now, your customers can flaunt and encourage trendy safety with our assortment of reusable fabric face masks! Slowing the spread of germs is easier than ever thanks to their durable and effective design that makes for less environmental waste.

Plus, if you’re looking for other stylish, hygienic products for your boutique, we have you covered. Our hands-free keychain door openers can be used to open doors, carry bags, touch buttons and screens, press pin pads, flush toilets, and more!

At Katydid Wholesale, we offer the best wholesale for boutiques. Your customers will appreciate the feel, function, and safety of our great, medical-grade face coverings. Get Katydid Wholesale’s products drop shipped directly to your shoppers today!