Women's Hat Styles Every Boutique Owner Should Stock Up On

by Michelle Hoang July 05, 2019

good vibes only trucker hat

Making sure you have trendy styles and plenty of options for your customers is a great way to set your boutique apart and give customers somewhere they’ll always want to shop. By displaying popular wholesale hats for women in your boutique, you’re going to offer them something they might not be able to find anywhere else!

Stocking Up on Hats Comes with Benefits

Hats might just be the perfect accessory to add to your boutique! Hats are easy to sell, can give your customers something new to shop for, and will allow you to cater to their needs no matter their fashion style. Displaying wholesale boutique hats in your boutique will give your customers a cool accessory they can add to any outfit.

Whether you sell trendy apparel or just stylish accessories, boutique Katydid hats are a great way to put an add-on close to the check-out for your customers. Boutique hats make cute accessories and will look great with any outfit. When your customers see the rack with all the hats stocked, they’ll find several stylish hats for their adventures.

Your customers may want different hats for different occasions. Having the trendiest wholesale hats for women in stock will give you the perfect way to help them find the look they’re going for.

Since hats come in one size, feature trendy graphics, and pair well with most casual outfits, they’re easy to sell! Women of all sizes and with all types of fashion preferences will be so excited to see the different wholesale hats for women in inventory! Stock up on the trendiest options and always have the perfect accessory in stock for all your customers.

Baseball Hats are a Classic Option

hot mess baseball cap

Katydid Hot Mess Just Doing My Best Ultra Suede Wholesale Baseball Hat

Does your shop need cool baseball hats? Classic baseball hats are comfortable and always look great with any outdoors outfit. The hats can be trendy and feature graphics and phrases that will look great no matter what your customers love to wear. The stylish baseball-style wholesale hats for women we carry for your boutique come in trendy colors, with funny phrases and look great with a variety of different outfits.

Your customers are going to love the adjustable backs and classically beautiful stitching options. Wholesale baseball caps look great no matter what else you sell in your boutique. Your customers can wear these wholesale hats for women from the beach to the mountains and even to the country club.

If your customer base leans more toward classic looks instead of trendy options, these popular wholesale boutique hats are just what you need! Stock up on the cool hats and add them to your boutique in areas like your graphic t-shirt section and even at the register so customers don’t forget to add the perfect accessory at checkout!

Trendy Trucker Hats Suit Many Styles

lake hair don’t care trucker hat

Katydid Lake Hair Don’t Care Wholesale Trucker Hats

Do you have an ultra trendy customer base? If so, our popular trucker hats are a perfect way to add an accessory to your collection! If you’re looking for wholesale hats for women, trucker hats are a great way to look good and feel good with the accessories you already offer..

Adding trendy wholesale trucker hats is a great way to give customers more options when they’re out shopping. The cute trucker hats are geared toward women who are on the go and who love to be active. Breathable material on the back of the hats make them the perfect beach or outdoor accessory for any adventure. The beautiful, but soft material can help keep your customers cool no matter how sweaty they get.

Trucker hats are completely adjustable and made to fit all sizes. You can stock up your collection of wholesale hats for women without ever having to worry about sizing issues!

When we design our fashionable trucker hats for your boutique, we keep all of the latest trends in mind. You can easily find cool trucker hats that include hair don’t care, state outlines and popular sayings to give your customers more options!

Put Customer Style First in Your Boutique

mama bear baseball cap

Katydid Mama Bear Ultra Suede Wholesale Baseball Hats

When you add wholesale boutique hats to your already eclectic collection of accessories for women, you give them one more option to add a stylish accessory to their outfits. Our wholesale hats for women are comfortable, easy to wear and might just be the accessory your customers need to take their outfit to the next level for their outdoor adventure.

With our trendy wholesale hats, you’ll never have to worry about whether your customers are going to be able to find the accessories they love. The right hats make a huge difference and we’ve got what you’re looking for at Katydid Wholesale. Stock up on our collection of trendy graphic hats, trucker hats, and classic baseball hats to set the fashionable style in your boutique! Our wholesale hats for women will work for your boutique no matter who you sell too.

More Accessories to Add to Your Shop

Adding the best wholesale boutique accessories to your boutique will help you cater to more customers, make your shop more unique and help boost your revenue. There are so many options available from hats to trendy travel accessories and everything in between. By finding the right accessories and giving your customers something exciting to shop for, you’ll have a chance at hosting a better boutique experience. Wholesale hats for women and other accessories are one of the best ways to give your shop an edge that other boutique locations might not have!

By adding popular wholesale boutique hats and other accessories to your collection, you’re going to set your shop apart from the rest.

When you get your accessories from Katydid Wholesale, you’ll know you’re getting quality options for your boutique. Make your boutique the best when you pair up with Katydid Wholesale. It’s easy to add wholesale hats for women to your shop while also increasing your sales. With our low order minimums, free shipping, and easy shopping experience, you’re going to get the best of everything!

Michelle Hoang
Michelle Hoang


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