What to Look for in Trendy Wholesale Clothing Distributors

October 05, 2019

trendy wholesale clothing distributors with low order minimums

It’s not easy to find trendy wholesale clothing distributors that give you the ability to stock your boutique at any budget. When you’re looking for the best distributor, there are a few things you should keep in mind that will help you make sure you’ve made the best choice for your store.

Minimum Order Amounts

There are so many wholesale clothing stores that have trendy and high-quality clothes but have huge order minimums. No matter what size boutique you own, it can be hard to hit a minimum of hundreds of dollars every time you shop to stock up your boutique. It gets even harder to satisfy order minimums when you’re a small boutique or just getting started. Boutiques on a budget need wholesale distributors that offer lower order minimums.

Finding a distributor with a low minimum is like finding a rare gem. With our $50 minimum, you can easily stock up on your customers’ favorites without having to worry about blowing your entire budget. Make sure you check the minimum order for trendy wholesale clothing distributors before getting started!

Trendy Choices

Not all distributors are created equal. Some wholesalers just don’t know how to keep up with the trends and may have items that are out of style or offseason. When you’re deciding where to buy wholesale clothing, it’s important to explore their collections to get an idea of what they have to offer and whether it’s trendy enough for your boutique. If you have a good idea of everything they carry and the clothing choices they offer, you can compare these to what’s trending to make sure you get the best boutique clothing possible.

Quality Clothing

It’s more about just finding popular styles when you’re looking for trendy wholesale clothing distributors. You need to make sure that you’re giving your customers high-quality clothing and accessories that they’ll be able to wear for years. Find a distributor that offers clothing and accessories crafted from quality materials and made in the US. Give your customers what they’re looking for, both in quality and in fashion when you shop Katydid’s trendy wholesale hats, most of which are made and designed in America.

High-quality clothes should be as affordable as other options. When you shop a distributor who uses their own designers and wholesale design process, you can still find affordably priced quality clothing.

Large Selection

Your boutique needs variety, and trendy wholesale clothing distributors need to give you a selection of clothes and accessories to choose from. When you carry more options, you can cater to more customers in your boutique. Distributors should help you stock your boutique with the trendiest pieces in many different styles and colors for all of your customers. Finding a distributor who offers different clothing choices can also set you apart from other boutiques. When they have a huge selection to choose from, you’ll be less likely to carry the same items as others.

Now that you know what to look for in trendy wholesale clothing distributors, shop the best wholesale boutique clothing at Katydid Wholesale.

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