Katydid’s Retail Snax #101-Be Discovered, Communities to Grow Retail Sales, 2020 Retail Trends

May 11, 2020

Katydid’s Retail Snax #101-Be Discovered, Communities to Grow Retail Sales, 2020 Retail Trends

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Once a branding and customer service tool, startups now see SMS as a growing commerce engine:

The strategy, however, seems to be shifting beyond marketing and customer service to facilitating sales and on-demand delivery.  People seem more willing to interact with brands via text; multichannel messaging service provider Hero — whose back end connects retailers like Levi’s, Nike and Design Within Reach with customers via text and other messaging clients — has seen a surge among shoppers since the U.S. declared a state of emergency; According to the company, SMS messages sent via clients’ contacts app increased by 460% in the past 40 days, in comparison to the previous 40 days. At the same time, a bevy of startups have begun trying to get more direct orders through text messages.  https://shorturl.me/5aKB8


DTC brands are partnering up to create communities (save on customer acquisition costs):

Talk to the community and the community comes as a way to stay afloat, with a focus on customer acquisition and cheap visibility. Times are tough, with dozens of companies laying off and furloughing staff; but the emerging tactic of tapping into a so-called community is a way to differentiate one’s brand; banding together has become a popular marketing trope among the e-commerce industry.  https://shorturl.me/nkXXA


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