Essential Boutique Style Wholesale Clothing for Your Store

by Michelle Hoang August 09, 2019

boutique style clothing hanging on a rack outside

As a boutique owner, you understand the importance of having all the right apparel and accessories for your customers. By stocking your store with the trendiest boutique-style wholesale clothing, you’ll have something all your customers will love. Here is our guide to the essential items you’ll definitely want to stock in your boutique.


can’t adult today t-shirt

Katydid “I Can’t Adult Today” Wholesale T-Shirts

From outdoor enthusiast to trendy mamas, everyone loves a good T-shirt. Wholesale graphic tees are a great way for you to show your customers you “get” what they’re about. With the right graphic tees, you’ll be able to give your customers a fun piece of clothing they can wear for any event and during any season.

Trendy T-shirts from Katydid Wholesale work with so many different outfits, so they’re the most versatile piece of boutique-style wholesale clothing you can carry for your customers. With so many different options to choose from, you’ll be able to sell shirts that match your customers’ style, no matter what it is! Make sure you have this basic bestseller on your shelves!


blessed trucker hat

Katydid “Blessed” Wholesale Trucker Hats

Hats are stylish while camping, on the boat, or at the beach. They’re a great accessory that your outdoorsy customers can pair with any outfit. The cool wholesale hats we have for sale in our online store come in fashionable colors and with trendy designs that are made to work for your adventurous customers. Trucker hats and baseball hats are a great addition to your boutique and will be among your best-selling items.

Hats are easy to sell, don’t take up a lot of space, and will match with almost any other accessory you’re selling. Since they have a low price point, customers won’t hesitate to grab one (or two) while they’re already shopping in your boutique. Stick a couple by the register for customers who just can’t decide on the perfect accessory! If you have any type of boutique-style wholesale clothing in your store, you need to have hats to go with it!

Luggage Tags

vacay luggage tag

“Oh Hey Vacay” Wholesale Luggage Tags

When you purchase wholesale clothing for your boutique, luggage tags are probably the last thing on your mind. The thing about luggage tags, though, is that they sell. Almost everyone travels, and your shoppers will definitely want to have a stylish luggage tag when they do it. It’s quite useful as well; since it can help you to notice your luggage from far away and among other people’s luggage that may look similar to yours when you get to baggage claim after your flight. Even shoppers who don’t plan on traveling in the near future still want a trendy luggage tag they can put on their bag for their next trip.

Like our boutique style wholesale clothing, our luggage tags are made with eye-catching colors and trendy phrases. The tags feature travel sayings, bright designs, and fun patterns. Your customers will love the fun addition to their suitcase, and you’ll be able to add these on to almost any purchase they make.

Just like with our wholesale hats for sale, luggage tags are very affordable. Your customers won’t be afraid to pick up one or a couple for themselves and all their girlfriends. Don’t forget to put some by the register so your customers can pick up the last-minute add-on!


Mint Green

Mint Green Raffia Hoop Wholesale Earrings

You can’t have boutique style wholesale clothing without having cool pieces of jewelry to match it! Allow your store to be a one-stop-shop for all your customers who want to put together the perfect outfit. With dangle earrings, wrapped wire earrings, and so many other accessory choices, Katydid Wholesale has the perfect jewelry for your boutique.

If you’re going to purchase wholesale clothing, having the jewelry to match will give your customers one more item they can find without leaving your store. Offer affordable jewelry that’s made from high-quality materials and with your ideal customer in mind. They’ll love the low-maintenance jewelry that can really set their outfits off!



Wholesale Plaid Blanket Scarves (Yellow/Red)

While many people think of scarves as a winter or fall accessory, there are still many others who are still looking for scarves even during spring and summer. Scarves are a great option for boutique-style wholesale clothing and will give your customers an accessory they can shop for any time of the year. A good scarf can make an outfit and is such a versatile accessory because it matches almost anything.

Because scarves are so versatile, like wholesale hats for sale, you can keep them in your store all the time. They don’t take up much space, and they’re a perfect addition to put close to your other clothes in the boutique.


Sherpa Jacket

Katydid “Mama Bear Hair Don’t Care” Wholesale T-Shirts

Do you have boutique-style wholesale clothing customers can use as gifts? Sister shirts, Mama Bear wear, and even Hair Don’t Care clothes make the perfect addition to a gift section in your boutique. Adding clothing to the other gifts you offer will give your customers a better chance of finding something they love for their loved one.

Since our styles are all made from high-quality materials, your customers will feel great about taking them home to their loved one. Make sure they know the clothes are designed in the U.S. and made with the best materials for the price. You can also make sure they know about all the other accessories that match, like wholesale hats for sale.

Seasonal Apparel

women’s black sherpa jacket

Katydid Wholesale Sherpa Jacket for Women

Whether it’s summer, Christmas, or pumpkin spice season (formerly known as fall), you should carry a few pieces of boutique-style wholesale clothing that are themed for the season. Your customers will love finding a trendy outfit they can wear to their next holiday outing or just while they’re out running errands.

If you own a small boutique, it can be hard to change the apparel in your store seasonally. Meeting huge wholesale minimums is another thing that makes this a problem. When you shop for boutique-style wholesale clothing from Katydid Wholesale, you only have to place a $50 order minimum and you can get free shipping. This makes it easy to switch out a few key pieces each season to keep your boutique stock fresh for your customers!

Are you ready to stock your boutique up with the trendiest boutique-style wholesale clothing? Explore Katydid Wholesale’s boutique clothing.

Michelle Hoang
Michelle Hoang


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