Farm Hair Don’t Care Wholesale Trucker Hats



Katydid “Farm Hair Don’t Care” Wholesale Trucker Hats

Gals from down on the farm are going to love our trendy “Farm Hair Don’t Care” Hat. It’s perfectly designed here in the US, easily adjustable to fit all of your customers, and keeps hair out of the way.

Fun and Functional

Not only is this trendy hat a stylish option for anyone who lives or works on a farm, but it’s also super functional. Your customers can pick up one of these cute Katydid hats and keep their hair pulled back while they go through their chores.

The breathable mesh back that’s on all of our popular Hair Don't Care Hats helps keep the head cool while also hiding messy hair days. Made from a cotton and polyester blend and with a wide trucker style brim, this hat helps keep the heat off while still looking great!

Stylish Designs

Our “Farm Hair Don’t Care” Hat is designed by Katydid and made to look great no matter what your customers are getting into. It’s stylish while still appealing to customers who have unique interests. Our trucker hats are designed to fit everyone and have an adjustable tab back so your shoppers can customize their size!

A distressed look makes this hat feel like an old favorite while crisp white lettering makes the phrase pop. The grey color of the hat matches any outfit and easily hides dirt!

Your farm-lovin’ customers will be sure to pick one of our “Farm Hair Don’t Care” Hats up, but what about the rest of your customers? Shop our wholesale hats for a huge selection of trendy hats.

Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Amanda Edwards
Chaos Coordinator Trucker Hat

Really great quality hat!!!!

Stacy Tiedemann
Biker hair dont care

After all these years of ordering I'm still so impressed with the embroidery. The bike is so nicely done.

Thanks again Katydid!

Melissa Wood
Perfect for Mother's Day!

Such a cute design. Perfect for Mother's Day!

Melissa Wood
I need a vacay!

This hat is perfect! Now, could I just get a vacay to go along with it?! Please!?

Melissa Wood
Not a hot mess! :)

This hat is not a hot mess! It is perfectly distressed and designed! :) Love it!

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Farm Hair Don’t Care Wholesale Trucker Hats

Farm Hair Don’t Care Wholesale Trucker Hats