Trendy Wholesale Holiday Clothing

by Michelle Hoang November 05, 2019

 woman wearing a red and black sherpa wrap and jeans

With the holiday season upon us, the orders have started pouring in. You’re getting requests for more smalls of a particular t-shirt or fifteen more of those hats and so on and so forth. It’s about to get crazy. Beat the chaos this year and be prepared with our Christmas-inspired holiday clothing. We’ll bring the ease and eggnog, you bring the success. 

Stock Up Like Santa

Around the holidays, when everyone else is carrying nothing but ugly Christmas sweaters, stock up on wholesale Christmas clothing your customers will actually love. Keep in mind the basics of holiday styles: 

  • Christmas shirts and hats with personality are a staple.
  • Christmas time invites spirituality into the fashion conversation.
  • Winter wardrobes have different needs, depending on where your store is located.
  • Comfort is always a priority, even with holiday clothing.

Cozy Shirts Full of Holiday Cheer

woman wearing a merry and bright Christmas sweatshirt

Merry and Bright Wholesale Corded Christmas Sweatshirt

There are so many styles of shirts out there. But there are certain designs that are more popular in holiday clothing collections. For example, our corded sweatshirts feature a soft cotton blend material and manage to be incredibly flattering while also offering a generous fit. 

We also love long-sleeve tees that can be layered on chilly mornings. Choose wholesale Christmas clothing that will allow your customers to express their holiday mood. From festive ladies who love to “Eat Drink and Be Merry” to cheery women who give Christmas two thumbs up, your customers will find a shirt in your boutique that says it all. 

‘Tis the Season for Hats and Hot Chocolate

woman wearing a blessed tie dye hat

Blessed (Cursive) Wholesale Tie Dye Baseball Cap

Wholesale hats are the perfect accessory for the country girl, the sassy momma, or the girl who is done dealing with her hair today. Now the question is: what style will you feature in your collection of holiday clothing? Of course, one solution is to stock different options for different occasions. For example, women's trucker hats are great for those preparing for casual family gatherings, a day of baking, or running to the store for last-minute gifts. They’re lightweight due to the mesh backing for a breathable fit. 

Get Into the Christmas Spirit

woman wearing a Jesus is the reason for the season raglan tee

Jesus Is the Reason for the Season Wholesale Raglan T-Shirt

Christmas time brings out the faith in some of us. It also opens up a market for spiritual wholesale Christmas clothing and accessories. Whether your client is feeling that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season,” or that they’re “Blessed,” this year, there’s a wholesale Christian hat or shirt for them. 

Holly Jolly Clothing

woman wearing a define nice Christmas sweatshirt

Define Nice Wholesale Corded Christmas Sweatshirt

The holidays can be a great time for gag gifts, inside jokes, or just a little something to make a friend smile. Embrace this joy with trendy holiday clothing and accessories that feature Christmas-related puns and phrases twisted to accommodate the season. “All Mama Wants is a Silent Night” and “Tired as a Mother,” will go over big with moms. “Sleigh All Day” will appeal to the younger crowd. 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: It’s Time for Jackets

woman in a leopard print jacket and black sweater dress

Snow White Leopard Wholesale Faux Fur Jacket or Coat

Offer cute jackets for those who will be traveling to visit family this holiday season. These cozy sherpa jackets are just made for relaxing by the fire and snowball fights. Choose from solid colors to match any outfit your customers have planned, or carry trendy patterns, such as leopard print, plaid, or camo. 

Staying Seasonally Stylish

The key to a successful Christmas season is having a huge variety of holiday clothing in stock. Keep your inventory fresh, and be prepared. Trends are tricky, but cute sweatshirts, fun hats, and cozy jackets never go out of style. The Christmas rush will be a breeze this year with your trendy wholesale clothing covered.

Have questions? Contact us so we can help you! And make sure to follow us on social media for up-to-date happenings at Katydid!

Michelle Hoang
Michelle Hoang


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