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Buying Wholesale Boutique Accessories Your Customers Will Love

July 03, 2019

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You’ve bought the best wholesale women’s clothing for your boutique or online store. The displays are set and you’ve updated products online, too. But...something’s missing. What are those extra finishing touches that’ll really resonate with your customers? If you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around that question and see some empty spaces in your displays, you need trendy wholesale boutique accessories to round out your product selection.

If you’ve already gotten the hang of buying high-quality boutique wholesale women’s clothing, here’s our guide to finding the most popular accessories to complement your other collections.

Women’s Fashion Accessories for Wholesale Orders

Depending on your seasonal orders, the wholesale boutique accessories you purchase should be a complement to whatever you’re going to have in inventory. That means coordinating your merchandising for both trendy clothes and wholesale boutique accessories. Here are a few basic priorities to keep in mind when you’re buying:

  • Buy complete looks or capsule collections; mini collections of related pieces based off of a particular theme or trend.
  • Consider how stylish gifts and accessories will complement the clothes you have in inventory.
  • Think about the color palettes, the beautiful fabrics, and other details that’ll complement your clothing collections.

Let’s take a look at some basic tips for buying wholesale boutique accessories you can stock in your retail establishment.

Stock Those “Gotta Have ’Em” Impulse Buys

Since popular fashion jewelry tends to be priced lower than clothing and bigger accessories in women’s boutiques, individual units like bracelets, necklaces, and pairs of earrings tend to do well as “impulse buys.”

Stocking Impulse Buys In-Store

Put cool jewelry and other small wholesale boutique accessories at the front of your store, preferably close to your cash register. This is an old merchandising trick, but one that’s still effective. Having these lower-priced impulse buys close to the POS, catches customers’ eyes as they’re making their way to pay for their other items. Depending on your merchandising techniques, you can easily get interested customers to pick up one or two of these stylish items.

Stocking Impulse Buys Online

Without the benefit of a physical register, you’ll have to get creative with how you merchandise wholesale women’s fashion accessories like popular jewelry and other small, but cool accessories such as wholesale hats and luggage tags.

It can be easy for accessories to get siloed into their own online categories without the benefit of physical foot traffic. However, you can solve this by adding fun “Shop The Look” features on each of your product pages. Essentially, if you’re photographing and styling a cute outfit to showcase how a top, jacket, or bottom fits, then style it with some cute accessories, too! Not only will it increase your online styling game, but it’ll also give customers context for your other great products, whether you’re styling sunglasses, jewelry, hats, or scarves with your looks.

Promotions and Sales

It can be easy to buy too much of something, no matter the season. It happens to the best of us. When that happens, don’t sweat it! Just lean into a flash sale or customer appreciation promo. Here’s what you can do:

  • Play up the scarcity and urgency of whatever wholesale boutique accessories you’re looking to sell fast. (ex. GET EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT. 50% OFF SELECT HATS. SALE ENDS TOMORROW!)
  • Offer buy-one-get-one promos. Let’s consider our hat example again and say that you have a particular hat that goes well with some higher-priced items like jackets and tops. How about offering up a free hat with full-price orders of $50 or more?

More Merchandising Tips

Tell a Compelling Narrative

Whether you have an eCommerce store or a physical boutique, the stylish wholesale accessories you’re purchasing has to resonate with your customers. Narratives keep us engaged, even if we’re shopping. Keeping this in mind will help guide you while you’re personal merchandising.

To do this, consider putting together displays or curated online categories that showcase a whole experience. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Red, White, and Blue outfits coordinated with matching or complementing accessories for the Fourth of July.
  • Glittery jewel tones and gold throughout clothing and accessories for evening looks.
  • Down-to-earth neutrals and more subdued colors in sweatshirts, long-sleeve tees, and some denim paired with backpacks for a chic Back to School display.

Change Up Your Seasonal Displays

Those examples give us a surefire way to keep customers engaged: changing up your seasonal displays!

If you’re selling great products (and we’re sure you are!) then your customers will likely be coming back for their faves more often. But you can’t have them seeing the same stuff day in and day out. Since you’ll be buying on a seasonal or twice-yearly basis at the very least, you should think of some ways to switch up displays with different looks about once a month.

Showcase your new trendy wholesale accessories throughout your boutique to refresh some clothing collections. Or, you can strategically place all of your favorite handbags, jewelry, and accessories in a window or homepage as featured items. This way, your customers will be drawn to your new product whether they’re shopping online or just stopping by to check out your new inventory.

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