Back-to-School Styles Your Collegiate Shoppers Will Be Looking For

by Michelle Hoang July 22, 2022

blonde woman with a multi-colored tote on her shoulder

Back to school means getting stocked with the latest collegiate fashion your shoppers are looking for. From block parties to preparing for interviews, there are loads of looks that students need in their wardrobe when they return to campus. It’s important to keep your inventory stocked with the must-have back-to-school styles shoppers are looking for. From wholesale graphic tees to tie-dyed looks, Katydid Wholesale is here to provide you with insight into this year’s hottest college looks! 


purple and lime tote bag

Purple and Lime Embroidered Wholesale Tote Bag

First and foremost, every college student needs a solid book bag. This year, totes are in for the college crew, and you’re going to want a fair few in back-stock because they sell out quickly. Students love this style of bag because they pair well with other collegiate fashion styles and can be used often outside of campus life.


woman in happy face corded pullover

Flower Eye Happy Face Corded Pullover Sweatshirt

When it comes to back-to-school styles, sweaters are a must for the fall season. Sweatshirts and stylish pullovers are a staple every year. Perfect for staying warm in class or for a casual girl’s day out, pair these sweaters with jeans and some white sneakers for an effortless look. Plus, our collection of corded sweatshirts comes in a variety of styles, colors, and graphics, so you can have something for everyone in your boutique. 

Body Wraps

woman in a brown sherpa body wrap

Sherpa Wholesale Body Wrap/Cardigan for Women Hoodie (7 Colors)

Who doesn’t love being comfy and cozy? Plushy body wraps are on our radar of college styles this year, and we love their versatility. Not only do they look great, they feel amazing and can easily be layered with cute tops and other collegiate fashion styles. It’s like wearing a bathrobe in public, but stylish! This piece goes well with a variety of wholesale fall clothing and comes in multiple prints, colors, and sizes, so everyone can find their perfect fit. 

School Spirit

tailgate trucker hat for collegiate fashion sitting by beer cans

Tailgate Hair Don’t Care Wholesale Trucker Hats

We love it when customers get excited about their school spirit and what better way to support the team with your back-to-school style than with game-day shirts and hats! From baseball hats to football tees, there are so many ways to rock your game-day apparel. We use high-quality graphics and popular designs, so your customers can trust that they’re getting a durable product sure to withstand whatever game day throws their way. Plus, they look great alongside other collegiate fashion pieces in boutique windows and are sure to draw customers in with their trendy looks. 

Explore all Katydid Wholesale has to offer and get your boutique prepared with back-to-school styles sure to impress! From head to toe, our wholesale clothing and accessories have everything you need to keep customers happy and get them ready for another year on campus. Shop now! 

Michelle Hoang
Michelle Hoang