Black Polka Dot Hands Free Wholesale Key Chain



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It’s more important than ever to provide your customers with products that will keep them safe and healthy. That’s why your store needs our popular black polka dot hands-free door keychains! These stylish tools are perfect for a contact-free world. Plus, they make great wholesale boutique gifts. New safety-first products like these are changing the style industry - don’t get left behind!

  • Hands-free & germ-free design
  • Can be used to open doors, carry bags, touch buttons, press pin pads, flush toilets, and more
  • Sold individually
  • Available in 12 trendy patterns
  • Made out of thick and durable acrylic that’s easy to sanitize

Button Push and Door Opener Keychains

Your customers are adapting to all that’s happening out there. Hands-free door opener keychains are just one brilliant example of this. The best part about our door keychains is that they are hands-free and germ-free. Now, as shoppers are venturing out for essentials, they can open doors, push keypads, and even flush toilets, all while staying a bit safer.

We know your customers will buy up our black polka dot keychain because they’re trendy and functional! Plus, they’re crafted from acrylic, so they’ll last through the pandemic and beyond.

Safety First

These crucial tools are made with safety in mind. Shop door keychains and our fabric face masks for even more health-conscious products today! Stock up with keychains in even more patterns to appeal to every customer. No minimum orders!

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