Mom Life Collection

Mom Life Shirts and Hats

If you’ve got mama bears who shop your boutique, you need to add Mom Life shirts and other Mom Life essentials to your collection! Our awesome mom gear will help you cater to more moms and provide them with the trendy styles they’re looking for.

Our Best Collection

The Mom Life collection is one of our most popular! We’ve got Mom Life hats and cute t-shirts moms can wear to the soccer game, to run errands, or to the gym. Your boutique will be the hot-spot for moms looking for trendy options for any life occasion.

When you add Mama Bear wear to your boutique, moms will always return to support their cause. There are so many fun phrases to choose from that will highlight the best – and most challenging – parts of mama bear life, such as Tired as a Mother and Mommin’ Ain’t Easy. Help your shop connect with moms living their best life. Once they find the perfect Mom Life shirt, they’ll make your retail boutique one of their regular stops.

Make Your Boutique Better

By catering to more active moms, your boutique will stand out. We make sure Katydid Wholesale apparel and accessories will be bestsellers in your boutique by using the best materials and the trendiest sayings. You can be sure your customers are going to love all of our different styles and the soft feel of our t-shirts.

Don’t forget to browse our wholesale accessories to find the perfect ones to match our Mom Life shirts!