Pink Marble Hands Free Wholesale Key Chain



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Want to keep your customers safe? So do we! To help, make sure your boutique is well stocked with the best and safest merchandise to keep everyone as healthy as possible. Our popular hands-free keychain tools are absolutely perfect to keep nearby for impulse buys! We think they’ll look incredible by the register for people to snatch up! Plus, your customers will love our trendy marble keychains.

  • Boutique keychains to keep your customers hands-free and germ-free
  • Multi-functional for convenient use
  • Many style options to choose from
  • Made out of thick and durable acrylic

Popular Marble-Print Keychains

Boutique keychains are the next big thing in this post-quarantine world. They’re the perfect accessory because they’re so convenient! You can easily carry them around anywhere with the rest of your keys.

Plus, they’re so stylish that these keychains will look amazing with anything, from a work outfit to sweats to one of our wholesale trucker hats. Whatever they choose to match their marble keychains with, these accessories are just the thing your customers need to pull doors, press pin pads, flush toilets, and more.

Safety First, Style Always

Katydid Wholesale is here to keep you and your customers safe. We provide fast shipping to anywhere in the US and Canada, to either you or straight to your customers via drop shipping!

See the latest trends and check out the rest of our Quarantine and Chill collection! Shop our marble keychains and more today!

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