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2020 made all of us homebodies in one way or another. From remote work, to online school, to simply staying inside as much as possible, we all know the drill. Your customers do too. That’s why they’ll love the trendy “Homebody” t-shirts from our Quarantine Apparel collection. Get these tops drop shipped directly to your customers’ front doors, so they don’t have to leave the comfort of home!

  • Available in sizes S - XL
  • Designed in the USA; Made in China

Cool and Comfy

Keep your customers cool and comfy all day long in these fun, soft cotton blend tees! Tie dye boutique clothing is all the rage right now, so they’ll definitely snatch these “Homebody” t-shirts right up. Display them with your loungewear clothing so your shoppers can create unique outfits that put off some seriously chill vibes.

The last year hasn’t been easy, but these tees make lighthearted and fun wholesale boutique gifts for friends and family. Stock all four unique color combinations to ensure your customers have options to choose from.

Enjoy Bulk Pricing

Get new products for your inventory quickly! We’re proud to offer daily shipments out of our Texas homebase to locations throughout the US and Canada. Shop our “Homebody” t-shirts, as well as our entire collection of graphic tees, and never worry about order minimums.

Size Guide
Tie Dye T-Shirts Sizing Chart
Tie Dye T-Shirts Sizing Chart

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