Smiley Face (old)

Tees and Trucker Hats with Smiley Faces

There’s nothing better than sharing a smile, whether it’s with kindred spirits as we run errands and meet up with friends or it’s with our loved ones as we relax on vacation or embark on a weekend adventure. And, at Katydid Wholesale, we know our smiles are our best accessories. That’s why we’ve designed a high-quality collection of wholesale trucker hats with smiley faces and women's smiley face t-shirts to make you and your customers very happy.

Add a Smile to Your Customers’ Faces

We’re committed to helping you and your customers find the highest level of satisfaction. That’s why our hats and tops are designed in the US and feature the latest trends.

Do your customers adore tie dye clothing? Stock up on multi-color and single-shade tie dye options with simple and fun smiley face graphics that pop against the bold backgrounds.

And every casual wardrobe needs hats to complete it. The wholesale hats in this collection feature breathable mesh backs and brilliant yellow smiley face patches. Display our trucker hats with smiley faces with your weekend clothing for the ultimate laid-back vibes.

All Kinds of Smiles for All Kinds of Customers

Spread joy with bright tie-dye women's smiley face t-shirts, or experience the calm happiness of pastel, lightly tie-dyed trucker hats with smiley faces. Some of our smiley faces are filled in for a retro look, and others are minimalist outlines, so you’re sure to find a variety that brings a smile to your face.

Be a Source of Joy

Our smiley face collection is just one of the ways you can stock up with Katydid Wholesale and make your boutique a source of joy. Browse our wide range of trucker hats and shirts, including those with longer phrases your customers can use to express themselves.